What are the types of agricultural nitrogen fertilizer

It’s important to choose fertilizer for soil and crops

There are many types of nitrogen fertilizers, including compound fertilizers processed through the NPK fertilizer production line, so you may want to know which one to use. The key of agricultural fertilization is to choose suitable fertilizer for soil conditions and crops, and determine when to apply fertilizer. In order to avoid over fertilization and malnutrition, please pay attention to the application amount of fertilizer.
In agricultural production, soil condition is easily affected by climate and other factors, so it is not easy to carry out according to plan. However, it is important to understand and respond to daily situations.

1. Ammonium sulphate

Ammonium sulfate is a simple fertilizer containing only nitrogen. It is suitable for novices because it is relatively cheap and can maintain the effect for about a month after application. It is an easy-to-replenish fertilizer for nitrogen and protein synthesis because it is easily soluble in water, is familiar with soil, and has a high absorption rate in crops. However, due to these characteristics, the shelf life tends to shorten during high temperatures and rainy seasons. In addition, since the composition is a single fertilizer, it is necessary to use phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer according to the purpose of the original fertilizer and the surface fertilizer. The factory can add phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer when producing this fertilizer, and use a disc granulator machine to make granules.

2. Ammonium chloride

Ammonium chloride is a compound fertilizer containing 25% ammonia nitrogen. It is easy to dissolve and absorb in water, and a small amount of chlorine will remain after absorption, which is very important for the growth of fiber crops. Because it produces less hydrogen sulfide, it also has the function of preventing root rot, which can be expected to be effective for making delicious rice.

3. Ammonium nitrate

Ammonium nitrate contains the same amount of ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen. It is soluble in water and has an immediate effect, so it does not acidify the soil. However, due to its high moisture absorption, adhesion to wet leaves may have an adverse effect. In addition, due to its explosive nature, care must be taken when handling, e.g. do not mix it with oil.

4. Urea

Urea has a high nitrogen content, more than 40%, which is the same simple fertilizer as ammonium sulfate. Because it has an immediate effect, it’s useful to use it when you want it to take effect immediately. It can also be used as liquid fertilizer by dissolving it in water to make it suitable for foliar spraying. However, due to the high nitrogen content, you need to pay attention to over fertilization.

nitrogen fertilizer

5. Lime nitrogen

Calcareous nitrogen containing calcium and nitrogen can be used as an effective pesticide to prevent pests and weeds at first. When pesticide components decompose in soil, they are mainly converted into ammonia nitrogen, which can be used as fertilizer effectively. Farmers have been using it for a long time, but due to the effects of inhalation and skin adhesion, they must be very careful when spraying, such as wearing protective masks or glasses.

There are several types of nitrogen fertilizers used in agricultural production. Since each nitrogen fertilizer has a certain effect, it is recommended to use them properly according to the cultivation environment. If organic matter is required, a decomposed organic fertilizer processed by compost turning machine can be used.

How to Preventing Caking from the NPK Fertilizer Production Process

NPK compound fertilizer is prone to cake because of its strength, moisture content, storage and so on. This article will introduce how to prevent caking from the process operation of NPK fertilizer production process.

NPK fertilizer production equipment produce products with smooth and uniform particles

Non-uniform particles, too many fine particles, non-smooth fertilizer, the compressive resistance, wear resistance is also poor, easy to be compressed and deformed in storage and transportation. The contact area between particles increase, which is easy to agglomerate. In order to produce products with uniform and smooth particle size, appropriate fertilizer granulator machine should be selected. Disc granulator and rotary drum granulator can produce moderate size particles and meet the requirements. If there is a higher requirement for the shape of the particles, it can also be combined with the ball shaping machine to polish the particles to ensure that the shape is qualified.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Strengthening the control of screening machine

In order to ensure the consistency of particle size and reduce the caking of powder, the product needs to be screened. According to the particle size of the product, different screens can be selected, and secondary screening can be selected in the process. Pay attention to the material screening in production, timely clean the screen.

Dryer reduces product water content

NPK compound fertilizer has a high water content, which will lead to salt reaction and cause hardening. The higher the water content, the easier the particles to agglomerate. Therefore, the NPK compound fertilizer production line must use a dryer to reduce the moisture content to the allowable range.

After the particle is dried by the dryer, the temperature is higher and the hygroscopicity effect will appear, so it needs to be cooled. The cooler reduces the material temperature to room temperature, and the product can be saved.

Coating treatment is used in NPK fertilizer production process

Choose the suitable material and use the coating machine to coat the particles. At the same time, pay attention to the amount of wrapping agent added. The amount of wrapping agent added is small, the particles are not wrapped completely, the effect is poor; the amount of adding is large, the wrapping oil will infiltrate into the inside of the NPK fertilizer, and the product is easy to cake.

Economic Benefit of Producing Slow-acting NPK Complex Fertilizer

Because of the low utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, people try to make a slow-release and high-utilization fertilizer to meet the demand of nitrogen in different growth stages of crops, reduce the loss of nitrogen leaching and volatilization, reduce the fixation of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the soil, so that the fertilizer can supply nutrients according to the requirement of crop fertilizer. The available CaO, MgO, SiO 2 and various trace elements in fertilizers are also good soil amendments. The coated NPK fertilizer manufacturing process can produce suitable fertilizer products.


Slow release coated fertilizer manufacturing process

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

According to the sustainable development of agriculture and the demand of improving fertilizer utilization rate, Zhengzhou Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer has developed a slow-acting, high-utility coated complex fertilizer manufacturing process. The fertilizer manufacturing process is based on the instant granular fertilizer as the core, one or more slow-release plant nutrients as the coating, inorganic acid complex, slow solvent and other binders to wrap water-soluble fertilizer, forming a complex fertilizer with both quick-acting and slow-acting components. We provide fertilizer manufacturing process including fertilizer granulator machine, pulverizer, rotary dryers, coolers, drum screening machines, coating machines, packing machines and other equipment. The whole set of fertilizer production equipment can complete the processing and coating of the particles of the complex fertilizer, so that the fertilizer has high utilization rate in the soil.


Benefits of NPK Fertilizer Production Process

In the process of fertilizer production, the structure and composition of cladding layer can be adjusted to control the release rate of nutrients so as to reduce leaching loss and improve the utilization rate of fertilizers. This fertilizer product not only has the characteristics of slowly releasing nutrients, but also can meet the needs of nutrients for the whole growth period of crops and the ratio of nutrient utilization rate by one basal application. Conventional quick-acting fertilizer increased by 10-30 percentage points, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer could reach 50%-70%, and the amount of fertilizer used could be reduced by 10%-40%. Due to the remarkable economic and social benefits of slow-acting and high-utilization wrapped complex fertilizer, and in line with the direction of fertilizer development, it is worth vigorously promoting.

Detailed analysis of process flow of NPK fertilizer production line

The NPK compound fertilizer production line is a comprehensive and scientific compound fertilizer production flow line, which plays an extremely important role for the user’s own production demand, cost control and economic benefit improvement. Generally speaking, the NPK fertilizer production line mainly includes raw material distribution, mixing and agitation, material pulverization, granulation and discharge, primary classification, material drying, secondary grading, finished product coating and packing etc., through effective process control and material selection, Comprehensively grasping the required material targets, the production and use of compound fertilizers have achieved the desired results.

NPK fertilizer production line

Especially with the grasp, refinement and classification of the concept of ecological planting, green planting, resource utilization and recycling, the demand and demand level of the NPK compound fertilizer production line have been maximized. Moreover, as the technology continues to mature and continue to advance, the production processes of each branch are refined and subdivided. For example, for raw material ingredients, the industry generally adopts the ratio of urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate and ammonium nitrate, and is equipped according to a certain proportion, and also needs to have the conditions of the local soil itself. For example, there is also a great demand for material granulation. Before the material is fed into the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation, the material should be uniformly stirred, pulverized uniformly, and the overall shape is good, and this step is in the process of the NPK fertilizer production. It is a must and the most important part.


As a leading fertilizer machine manufacturer in China, we can produce different kinds of fertilizer granulator machine for the fertilizer manufacturing process, welcome to inquiry.

For the optimization, adjustment and upgrading of the NPK compound fertilizer production line, as well as the control and scientific management of the entire assembly line operation; it has played a positive role in saving manpower, reducing costs, long-term production and profit improvement.


50 Million Tons/year NPK Fertilizer Production Line

50 million tons/year npk fertilizer production line manufactured by Zhengzhou Tianci is a large scale NPK compound fertilizer production line. The whole annual output 50 million tons npk fertilizer production line has the high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, which has been widely applied in breeding industry, planting industry and fertilizer manufacturing industry in many countries.

Here is the 3D video display of 50 million tons/year npk fertilizer production line in Zhengzhou Tianci:

The main equipment of 50 million tons/year npk fertilizer production line in Zhengzhou Tianci:
1.Batching System Series
2. Vertical Mixer
3. Rotary drum granulator
 4. Rotary Dryer
5. Other facilities
6. Rotary Cooler
7. Rotary Screener
8. Chain Crusher
9. Coating Machine
10. Automatic Fertilizer Packing Machine

The manufacturing process of 50 million tons/year npk fertilizer production line in Zhengzhou Tianci:
 It is mainly used for weighing, distributing, mixing, batching and feeding of 3-8 kinds of proportional single fertilizer materials. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, high material precision, adjustable material ratio, high efficiency, energy saving, easy installation.
 Vertical mixer is a kind of fertilizer mixer which is mainly used for mixing raw materials. The machine is made of polypropylene plate lining or stainless steel plate, which is not easy to stick and wear resistance. The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation, uniform mixing and convenient unloading and conveying
 Rotary drum granulator is a molding machine that can make material into a particular shape. It is one of the key equipment of NPK Compound Fertilizer production line, which is  suitable for cold or hot granulation and mass production for high and low concentration compound fertilizer. The main mode of work is granulation with wet granulation.


 Fertilizer Drying Machine is mainly used to dry a certain temperature and granularity of fertilizer. On the other hand, it also can be used for drying other materials in compound fertilizer processing plant and organic fertilizer production plant. The Angle and distribution of Jan plate of this machine is designed reasonable, and it is reliable in performance. Ii has high thermal efficiency, uniform drying, cleaning fewer materials, convenient use and maintenance.
 The hot stove is mainly used for providing the heat source for the drying process, and the cyclone dust collector is used for reducing the dust in the production of fertilizer to protect environment. Belt conveyor is used to transport fertilizer materials in different production process.
 Use dryer together can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve the quality, further remove moisture, reduce the grain temperature of fertilizer.
 It is the common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer, which is mainly used for the even classification of qualified fertilizer granules and unqualified fertilizer granules.
8. Chain Crusher
 The unqualified fertilizer granule enters into chain crusher, and it is grinded into the powder for the second granulation process.
9. Polishing Machine
 This machine is a new type of equipment: the granulating rate is more than 95%. The motor adopts flexible belt drive to start smooth, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. Through the process, the discs are hard and durable, it is never deformed and sturdy base. It does not need foot bolt fixed. It also has the long service life and so on, it is deeply used. High praise of the household is the ideal product for the majority of users. it is not only used for 50 million Tons NPK Fertilizer Production line in Zhengzhou Tianci, but also can be used in the organic fertilizer production line.
 It is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of powder, granules and tons bags fertilizer.  Its high precision, automatic weighing controller, good reliability. Good integrity, small floor area, flexible and convenient installation. And the feeding mode of the powder feeding equipment is a spiral feeding, fast and slow feeding through the controller to achieve, feeding speed can be arbitrarily set.
 How to establish 50 million tons/year npk fertilizer production line manufactured by Zhengzhou Tianci? From the visiting site of our factory, fertilizer production line design, to installation guidance and after-sale, we will satisfy every our clients. We are committed to making world-class agricultural fertilizer equipment, and let agricultural equipment manufacture change human life. You are welcome to explore the successful application of our fertilizer production line in many countries. And you are welcome to visit our factory and feel free to consult us if you have any question.