Working principle and characteristics of double roller granulator for dry granulation

Working principle of double roller granulator

When the double roller granulator works, it is forced to roll the material into shape by two opposite moving roller skins of the granulator. Semi circular spherical cavities are regularly distributed on the two cylindrical roller skins. When the roller skin rotates against each other, the two semicircular cavities just form a complete spherical mold, and the materials inside are forced to be extruded into spherical particles. Due to the continuity of extrusion production, the particles and particles are connected together when they are just extruded, forming a cloth full of particles, which needs to be broken up by the crushing roller and divided into small round particles, and then screened from the screen to select the qualified particles.

double roller granulator

In the production of granular fertilizer by double roller fertilizer granulation machine, it should be noted that the ball socket on the two roller skins should be in good position. If it is not adjusted in place, there will be a certain dislocation during granulation, which can not produce qualified granular fertilizer. In addition, after the formation of particles, they will be released from the ball and socket of roller skin in time, so as to realize continuous production. If the formed particles do not come out in time, complete particles will not be formed, thus affecting the normal production.

Characteristics of double roller granulator for dry granulation
1. There is no drying process in the organic fertilizer granulation machine. It is granulated at room temperature and formed in one time. It has the advantages of less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit.
2. Compound fertilizer double roll extrusion granulator has small power, reliable operation, no waste discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology and low production cost.
3. The material of the roller extrusion granulator is widely used, not only in fertilizer industry, but also in all kinds of chemical raw materials such as snow melting agent.

Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

The pollution of livestock and poultry breeding is one of the main pollution sources of agriculture. The treatment of dung pollution is a headache for many large-scale farms. In terms of ecological environment, increasing the application amount of organic fertilizer can effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by organic wastes in livestock and poultry breeding and other industries, which is conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products, preventing and controlling input pollution, and the ecological environmental benefits are extremely significant. The organic fertilizer production line can produce new energy and then reduce it to the production of crops, which can greatly save cost investment.

1. Fermentation stage of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line:
Collect cow dung and urine, mix with hay and rotten silage to make compost and let it ferment. In the fermentation of seed, the use of a compost windrow turner to fully ferment cow dung can only be done in a timely and even way. Now some places are very dry and some places are very wet, which will affect the fermentation quality.

Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

2. Use the batching bin to crush, proportion and mix the composted materials, inorganic fertilizers such as N, P, K and other additives through the material grinder and horizontal mixer in proportion.

3. Granulation stage of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line:
A new type of organic fertilizer granulator is used to granulate materials.

Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

4. Screening and recycling system of cattle manure: The size of the particles output from the pelletizing and forming system is different, so it needs to be screened and graded. The selected rotary screen machine requires small vibration, low noise, convenient screen changing and equipped with screen surface cleaning device.

6. Drying stage of cattle manure organic fertilizer production line: Using the organic fertilizer dryer, the sieved particles can be further removed from the water to meet the standard requirements of the moisture content of organic fertilizer.

7. Cooling stage of cattle manure:
Cooling the granular materials with a cooler is helpful for the storage and quality of the granules.

Cattle manure organic fertilizer production line

8. Packaging stage of cattle manure:
The cooled granular materials are transported to the finished product warehouse by belt conveyor. Quantitative weighing and packaging of granular materials by automatic packing scale