Bio-organic fertilizer production process and equipment

Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer that combines livestock manure as the main raw material, inoculates microbial complex microbial agents, completely kills the bacteria and eggs by fermentation, and turns macromolecules into small molecules. The biofertilizer project is to feed the fermented material into the organic fertilizer production line equipment and process it into commercial organic fertilizer.

bio organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line and processing raw materials
Main ingredients: The raw materials for the production of bio-organic fertilizer are mainly agricultural waste such as livestock manure and crop straw.
Other ingredients: different sources of raw materials, fermentation methods, equipment, etc., the ingredients of organic fertilizer production are different. The specific formulation depends on the source of the organic material.

Fermentation and decomposing of biofertilizer project:
The fermented materials can be stacked on the ground or fermented in the fermentation tank. Fermentation tanks are usually better in flattened or semi-closed fermentation chambers than on flat ground. The material needs to be turned over regularly by using a turning machine, and it is turned over every 3 days. After 25-30 days of fermentation, the temperature gradually decreases from 70-80 degrees Celsius to stable, and the ripening is completed.

Main equipment and process for bio-organic fertilizer production:
1. Crushing and stirring pretreatment
Crushing equipment: semi-wet material crusher
This machine is mainly used for the crushing of bio-fermented organic fertilizer materials with water content of 25%~50%. The pulverization particle size of the semi-wet material pulverizer meets the granulation requirements, and the machine can be adjusted within a certain range according to the needs of the user.

2. Mixing equipment: horizontal mixer
This machine is mainly used for batch mixing of raw materials, and the materials can be fully mixed. The horizontal mixer has high mixing strength and low residual amount, and is suitable for mixing feed, concentrated feed and premix additives.

3. Granulation equipment
The composted material is subjected to a granulation process so that it has a certain strength and shape to be applied as an organic fertilizer. Granulation is a key step in the production of bio-organic fertilizers. Bio-organic fertilizer has a variety of fertilizer granulator machine. According to the structure of the granulator, the pellet method can be divided into a disc granulator and a drum granulator. According to the position of the press rolls, the extrusion method can be divided into a roller press granulator, flat die granulator and ring die granulator.

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Application of compost turner machine in organic fertilizer production line


As a new type of compost turner machine, Double-screws Turning Machine is widely used in animal manure organic fertilizer production and bio-organic fertilizer production. It is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting, and it is based on the organic Fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production machinery equipment family. The unique mechanical design and practical mechanical properties are rapidly multiplying, and it is the best substitute for replacing the manual and forklift materials. It is the mainstream product of the pre-fermentation application of organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

compost turning machine

The Double-screws Turning Machine comprises a traverse device, a traveling device and a tumbling device, wherein the tumbling device comprises two reducers fixed to the frame, a screw shaft connected to the respective reducer via a coupling member and fixed with a spiral blade. When the device is walking on a specific track, the screw shaft will no longer work, and the screw shaft will automatically rotate to move against the work when walking to the effective work surface. The fermentation rate is increased, the compost is rapidly decomposed, the odor is prevented from being generated, and the fermentation time is shortened.

Double-screws Turning Machine performance characteristics:

  1. Fully stir the doping to make the material meet the granulation demand quickly.
  2. Due to the large stacking force, the material is supplemented with more fresh air, which helps the aerobic microbial fermentation to heat up, and constitutes a process of high-temperature exchange, which helps all kinds of beneficial micro-bacteria to develop and multiply in the temperature range where it adapts.
  3. The turner system can process the material into small clumps, making the thick and dense material pile loose and elastic, and forming a suitable porosity.
  4. After the raw materials are turned over and fermented, there is certain water content. The consumption of raw materials by a large amount of microorganisms generated after turning over the piles will also release the water in the carrier. Therefore, as the fertilizer process reduces water, in addition to the evaporation of the heat transfer composition, the turning machine flips the raw materials to form a forced water vapor volatilization.
  5. Achieve special requirements for the composting process. For example, the breaking of the raw material, the shape of the raw material pile or the quantitative shift of the raw material is achieved. As one of the important equipment in the fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer production process, the turner has been at the forefront of the development of the times, making great contributions to the organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

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Bio-organic fertilizer production line

The development of the industrial age has made great contributions to agriculture in fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers, which are produced. Now the production of bio-organic fertilizers has been mechanized, scaled and integrated, and can provide perfect fertilizer production system, let’s go into the process of biofertilizer project.

bio organic fertilizer production line

The production of bio-organic fertilizer should be determined according to the functional special effects of organic fertilizer. Then the workers first pulverize various raw materials into a certain fineness of organic materials, and mix them according to the formula in the mixer. In this process, a key step is a proportional addition of a kind of “bio-fermenting agent”, which is mixed into the fermentation tank. Because of the deep-cell aerobic fermentation, the floor space is small, the fermentation process does not require labor, and the fermentation cost is greatly saved. Because of the mechanized production, so the fermentation is uniform, no dead angle, and the product quality of the organic fertilizer is ensured from the process. After one night, the temperature of the input raw materials rose quickly, reaching a maximum of 70 degrees.

At this time, the staff could use the compost turning machine and turn on the air blowing equipment. After the end of the dumping, the end of the pool was fermented. The finished product, the new raw materials can enter the fermentation tank, and then repeat.

After the fermentation of the raw material is finished, the following operations can be carried out, including pulverizing the large-sized fertilizer therein, and then uniformly stirring, and then granulating the fertilizer granules by using a fertilizer granulator machine, followed by drying, cooling, sieving and packaging. The final product is put into storage and can be sold at any time.

Understanding the production process of bio-organic fertilizers has a very important role for farmers to purchase fertilizers in the future. Our company produces all kinds of organic fertilizer equipment, and can also help design organic fertilizer production lines. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory for cooperation.

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Fertilizer equipment


Fertilizer  equipment plays an extremely important role in the production process of fertilizer. In the era of advocating organic cultivation, it is an important step for investors who want to invest in the organic fertilizer market to choose appropriate organic fertilizer equipment. Here, we can understand the concept of different organic fertilizers, and then understand the different process modes that can be used for the production of commercial organic fertilizers, the production of organic fertilizers under the conditions of planting and breeding mode, and the production of organic fertilizers in small-scale farms, as well as how to select the appropriate biological fertilizer production equipment under various modes.

organic fertilizer production

1. Organic fertilizer raw materials

According to the different raw materials and processing technology of organic fertilizer, it can be roughly divided into compost, retting, manure, biogas fertilizer, green fertilizer, straw fertilizer and other organic fertilizers. Compost refers to a kind of organic fertilizer, which is composed of crop straw, manure and animal carcasses, rice husk, grass and a small amount of soil. The difference between retting and composting is the organic manure which is produced by fermentation under the condition of flooding, and the raw materials used are the same as compost. The raw materials used for the manure are the manure of livestock and poultry and the bedding materials in the shed, which are made of compost. The raw material of biogas fertilizer is the same as that of compost. The process is the residual biogas liquid and residue after biogas production by anaerobic fermentation, which is the by-product after biogas production. Green manure uses green plants as fertilizer. Straw fertilizer raw materials include corn, rice and other crop straws. Under suitable conditions, through the role of soil microorganisms, the elements in straw are mineralized back to the soil and re absorbed by crops. There are other organic fertilizers, such as cake, sludge and so on, which can be processed into organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production equipment.

3. Organic fertilizer production equipment

The complete organic fertilizer production line is composed of a variety of organic fertilizer equipment. The key equipment is fermentation reactor and organic fertilizer granulator, which are divided into raw material preparation stage and finished product processing stage.

Organic fertilizer granulator

In the whole organic fertilizer manufacturing process, the organic fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the fertilizer production equipment. The raw materials of organic fertilizer change in this link and become commercial organic fertilizer. The quality and output of organic fertilizer particles are important embodiment here. Organic fertilizer particles are formed by binding organic fertilizer raw materials together with water as binder, and the amount of water directly affects the production efficiency. Theoretically speaking, in the mixing process of the mixer in front of the organic fertilizer granulator, if the amount of water added is small, the viscosity of the powder will be small and the particles produced will be very small; otherwise, if the amount of water added is large, the viscosity of the powder will be large and the particles produced will be very large. Of course, this also leaves us a lot of choices. We can choose the appropriate particle size of organic fertilizer according to the needs to meet the market demand.

These fertilizer machines not only can be used in the organic fertilizer production line,it also can be used in the bio fertilizer production line or npk fertilizer production line to produce the bio organic fertilizer granulator or npk,compound fertilizer.

Designing of the bio fertilizer production

The designing of the bio fertilizer production line improve the bio organic fertilizer production efficiency.And it uses the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish the producing process.The organic fertilizer and the npk compound fertilizer all can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.Different type fertilizer production line is also designed and in the different type lines are also equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.The bio fertilizer is also seem to be an organic fertilizer,but the fertilizer manufacturing process of a little differences from the organic fertilizer and  npk fertilizer production.There we share the bio fertilizer production.
In the bio fertilizer production,the choice of raw materials can be all kinds of livestock manure and all kinds of wastes.The basic formula of bio organic fertilizer production varies with the types and equipment.

The video of the organic fertilizer production

Microecological teory:inoculation of a large number of dominant beneficial microorganisms may play a comprehensive role in regulating ecological balance with the rhizosphere of crops;the role of plant rhizosphere promoting bacteria:the theory holds that inoculation of a large number of benefical bacterial on the root of crops can promote growth as a result of comprehensive application,not as a single role of nitrogen fixation,phosphorus removal,pathogen inhibition or growth stimulation.
1.The basic raw materials:Chicken manure,duck manure.goose manure,pig manure,cattle and sheep manure etc;straw,especially the straw of legumes;filter mud,bagasse,beet dregs etc.of sugar industry;beer mud,distiller’s grains  of breweries;various kinds of cake;soybean cake,cottonseed cake,raeseed cake,etc;grass(mud)carbon;edible mushroom dregs.
2.The process of the bio organic fertilizer production:
The production prodcess of bio organic fertilizer generally includes the following aspects:it can be divided into three mainly parts-fermentation parts,mixing and crushing parts and granulating parts.When producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials using the fermentinf technology to kill the bacterials in the raw materials.Then using the fertilizer crusher machine to grind the big and hard raw materials into powder and put them into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw materials with other additional raw materials.And then to put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to shhape into the granulator.The granulator machine type can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Besides the new type can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,the disc  granulator,rotary drum granulator which also can be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the npk fertilizer granulator,also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.And the choice of the fertilizer granulator are also related to the raw materials what you use in the production process.
The fertilizer machines picturers of the granulator machine
Fertilizer granulator machine
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