Process of fermenting livestock manure into organic fertilizer

The raw materials of organic fermentation compost include straw, animal manure, domestic sludge, processing organic waste, garden pruning waste, biomass waste, etc. Composting refers to the process of harmless and stable solid organic waste through the function of microorganism in fertilizer production line under certain water, C / N ratio, ventilation and other artificial control conditions. Compost is a kind of production method of organic fertilizer and a biological treatment method of solid waste.
Technological process of organic fertilizer composting

The production process of organic fertilizer compost includes: raw material storage and pretreatment, compost inoculation, fermentation, aging fermentation, compost quality inspection, finished product packaging or processing of organic fertilizer production equipment.

  1.  In the raw material storage area, dry materials with low moisture content should be stored in the rain to keep low moisture content;
  2.  Wet materials with high moisture content should not be stored for a long time. They should be treated in time to reduce the generation of odor and leachate as much as possible and prevent secondary environmental pollution.
  3.  There should be a special raw material storage area for raw material storage. It is better to set up a raw material storage workshop in which different raw material characteristics are classified for storage;
  4.  The water content, particle size, C / N and pH value of organic fertilizer shall be adjusted in the pretreatment process.

The process of livestock manure fermentation into organic fertilizer

  1.  Stacking on the ground, using the ground umper, or putting materials in the fermentation tank, using the trough dumper
  2.  Evenly sprinkle the fungicide, turn over the pile and ferment to reach the temperature rise, stink, decay, and kill the miscellaneous bacteria and grass seeds
  3.  Fermentation 7-12 days, according to the temperature of different places, the number of times of turning pile is different
  4.  Complete fermentation and maturity, out of the tank (directly collected by forklift on the ground)
  5.  Use the grading screen for coarse and fine screening (the screened powder fertilizer can be sold directly)
  6.  Smash the screened block with a grinder and return it to the grading screen
  7.  Mix the required trace elements in a blender
  8.  Granulating with fertilizer granulator.Fertilizer granulator can choose disc granulator, double roller granulator, organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, flat die granulator, and ring die granulator.
  9.  Feed to dryer and cooler
  10.  Automatic packaging machine packaging sales