Main advantages and disadvantages of granulation process and technology of potash fertilizer

The potassium fertilizer is fed into the disc granulator, so that the material gradually piles up by itself until it reaches the required particle size. When the raw materials are piled up on the disc, the binder can be added to support the agglomeration of the materials. Since water will be added to the disc during granulation, additional drying process is required for the fertilizer production line when using this method of rolling raw materials into balls.

Advantages and disadvantages of potash fertilizer granulation

1. The granulation of potash fertilizer has many advantages. This non pressure agglomeration technology can produce particles with smaller density, so that the particles can decompose rapidly. Because most of the potash fertilizer can be used as fertilizer after processing, the ability to decompose and provide nutrition faster is the inducement to choose potash fertilizer particles. It is an ideal product for fertilizer compounds with fixed formula requirements that require rapid nutrient delivery. The round granular potash fertilizer is also easy to handle, and the fineness of potash fertilizer is lower than that of compacted particles.

2. The main disadvantage of potash granulation is that the processing cost is high, and potash particles are considered as high-quality products. Therefore, it is not generally produced like compacted particles. However, it is worth mentioning that the disc granulator is the ideal choice (as opposed to the fertilizer extrusion production process) due to the hardness of potassium salt in the treatment of some potassium salt derivatives.

potash fertilizer granulation production line
potash fertilizer granulation production line

Granulation technology of potash fertilizer

Disc granulator machine is widely used in the field of potash fertilizer granulation, NPK fertilizer granulator can also be used in the processing of potash fertilizer and a variety of compound fertilizers. The disk type fertilizer granulator is a new type of fertilizer granulator: its granulation rate can reach more than 95%, the main gear of the granulator is quenched with high frequency, the service life is doubled, the disk of the disc pan granulator is of arc structure, lined with high-strength fiberglass, and the bottom of the disk is strengthened by a number of radiation steel plates; it is durable and never deformed. After the potassium fertilizer powder enters into the pelletizing plate, the material continuously rotates and is sprayed by the pelletizing plate, so that the materials stick together to form spherical particles.

Comoparsion with disc granulator and roller press granulator

For organic fertilizer machine, granulation is an indispensiable process link in the production line of organic fertilizer. At present,there are many types of equipment for organic fertilizer granulator. Which one is more suitable for producing the organic fertilizer? The comparsion of disc granulator and roller press granulator.

Through the comparsion of the pelletilizer models, the disc granulator and the roller press granulator are different in the granulation production process, so that users have great differences in the selection of these two models. Today, professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers give you a detailed disclosure of the disc granulator and the roller press granulator which is more suitable for organic fertilizer granulation. And how to choose the suitable fertilizer granulator machine.

disc granulator and roller press granulator
disc granulator and roller press granulator

From the perspective of production process, the two kinds of disc granulator have advantages over the double roller press granulator. From the perspective of production process, the processing technologies of disc granulator and opposite roller press granulator are not too complex. For example, the difference between the two equipment in the granulation appearance process is that the particle size of the disc granulator has high degree freedom, good smoothness and roundness, and the particle size of the roller press granulator is relatvely uniform. But there are defects in the appearance. However, it can be made up by the organic fertilizer rounding machine.