Cassava residue fermentation and feeding method

What is the difference between cassava residue fermented organic fertilizer and non fermented organic fertilizer? There are many disadvantages in the traditional cassava residue fermentation: not only the fermentation time is long, the labor intensity of the fermentation process is large, it takes a lot of energy to stir a ton of cassava residue and other mixtures, but also the nutrition of the cassava residue treated by this method can not be completely released and improved. So what are the advantages of using organic fertilizer production equipment to process cassava residue?

Cassava residue ferment organic fertilizer
Cassava residue ferment organic fertilizer

Fermentation of cassava dregs with compost turner

Mix the starter with corn flour (wheat flour, dry potato flour, cassava flour and sorghum flour, as much as possible), stir evenly, add a large amount of cassava residue, and a small amount of brown sugar. The water content shall be controlled within 60% (the standard for the water content of roughage starter is: grasp a handful of feed by hand, and hold it gently, a small amount of water will drip out, or there will be water between fingers. The raw materials are piled up for fermentation, and then the raw materials are put into the fermentation tank for fermentation, and a layer of textile bag is added on the top to protect the plastic film. Generally, it needs to be fermented for 10-15 days, with sweet wine and mellow aroma, which can be used to feed pigs.

In the fermentation process, the use of compost turning machine to deal with the barber ferment, the efficiency of mechanized tossing is more than three times that of traditional fermentation and cooking. High temperature compost can rapidly degrade its crude fiber, improve nutrition and digestibility, greatly improve the use of cassava residue in feeding, and reduce feed cost to the maximum extent.

Feeding method of cassava residue organic fertilizer

Feed pigs with 30% fermented cassava residue and 70% mixed feed. Without mixing materials, corn flour, wheat bran, peanut bran or soybean meal, bone meal, trace elements and other raw materials are used to prepare the mixed feed. When preparing, it should be noted that energy feed accounts for 70% and protein feed accounts for 30%, and it can be fed as a mixed feed. Because the mixture is dry, and the fermented cassava residue is a wet material with a moisture content of about 70%, when preparing the mixture with the cassava residue fermentation material, a 30% ratio of cassava residue is recommended for practical use. The weight, that is, the total weight of the formulated feed is 50 kg, which is the weight of the dry feed. Fermented cassava dregs account for 30% of the total, and the actual amount formulated into the feed is 30 kg.

Since its establishment for many years, Tianci fertilizer machine enterprise has focused on fertilizer manufacturing equipment, crusher, screening machine, dryer, organic fertilizer granulator, packaging machine, etc. we always put the interests of customers first, and insist on transferring good compost fermentation equipment to more farmers.

3-5 t/h Bio-organic Fertilizer Projects and Machinery

Production Conditions of 3-5 t/h Bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Using livestock and poultry manure and agricultural straw waste, the production technology of bio-organic fertilizer can reach 3-5 tons per hour.

3-5 t/h Organic Fertilizer Production Process

1. Floor stacking composting, using windrow turning machine. Or the fermentation tank to put the material, using the trough compost turning machine.

2. Sprinkle fungicides evenly into the fermentation products, mix the materials with the dumper, and compost to achieve the purpose of heating, smelling, maturing and killing weed seeds.

3. Fermentation for 10-15 days. According to the local temperature, the number of treatments of compost dumper is different.

4. Material that is completely fermented and decomposed is fed into organic fertilizer production equipment.

5. Preliminary screening of materials by drum screening machine (the screened powdery organic fertilizer can be sold directly).

6. After the screened bulk materials are crushed by a crusher, they are re-screened.

7. Adding trace elements to powdery organic fertilizer and mixing with horizontal mixer.

8. Granulation with the new type NPK fertilizer granulator.

9. Fertilizer granules are fed into rotary dryer and rotary cooler.

10. Screening of qualified granules by fertilizer drum screener machine.

11. Bio organic fertilizer enters the coating machine.

12. Products can be sold after being packed by automatic packing machines.

3-5 t/h organic fertilizer manufacturing process
3-5 t/h organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Bio-organic fertilizer production and fermentation equipment

Ground windrow turner or trough compost turning machine
The ground turner does not need to build a trough, but directly stacks the materials in strips and uses a material dumper for dumper fermentation.
The use of trough compost turning machine, according to your scale of production to build fermentation tank, fermentation products are continuously put into the fermentation tank, the use of turning machine for turning fermentation, can play the purpose of water regulation and even mixing, thus saving a lot of labor. It can also achieve the purpose of full ripening.

Investment Projects in 3-5 tons of organic fertilizer manufacturing process

1. Facilities investment

Semi-finished products, raw material warehouses, office sites. According to the local construction cost budget.
When the fermentation tank is built, the ground fermentation tank is not needed.

2. Equipment investment

In the selection of fertilizer production equipment, Huaqiang fertilizer granulator manufacturers can configure models and functions according to customer requirements. The annual output of organic fertilizer production process is determined by the customers themselves. The material connection in our fertilizer production line is accomplished by belt conveyor. The length and number of belt conveyor can be designed according to the actual site.

Fertilizer machine manufacturer introduces reasons for purchasing roller granulator

As a professional organic fertilizer machine factory, our double roller press granulator has the following advantages:

1. Circulation operation, realize continuous production, high output of finished products;

2. The material is compressed by mechanical pressure, without any additives, and the purity of the product is guaranteed.

3. The particle strength can be adjusted, and the finished product strength can be controlled by adjusting the roller pressure;

4. The extrusion granulator is suitable for a wide range of raw materials, and the particle strength can be adjusted freely according to different materials.

5. Compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption, high efficiency and low failure rate.

The double roller extrusion pelletizer consists of the following main components: hinged press frame, easy to replace roller components, floating and fixed rollers, main transmission device with reduction gear, feeding equipment, hydraulic pressure boosting system, automatic grease. Enclosed machine housing to minimize the spread of dust.

roller press granulator
roller press granulator

Technical parameters of roller press granulator

The roller pelletizer is a newly developed high-efficiency and energy-saving product in our factory. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, safety and reliability, convenient use, and output power. The whole Huaqiang fertilizer granulator brand of this machine is divided into DZJ Ⅰ series and Ⅱ series, the power includes 15Kw, 18.5Kw, 22Kw. The output is 1-3 (t/h), and the moisture content of the raw materials is generally controlled at 2%-8%. This model is equipped with a refueling system, which greatly improves the life of the machine.

How does the roller press granulator achieve green reuse of resources

How to achieve the green reuse of resources, is the issue of concern. The roller type extrusion granulator is a kind of machine product designed and produced under such a big premise. The following organic fertilizer machine manufacturers for you to introduce in detail:

First of all, the roller press pelletizer is widely used to granulate some abandoned materials, such as pulverized coal, carbon powder, coke powder, carbon black, mineral powder, dust removal ash, lime powder and other metal mineral powders, industrial recycled dust materials, cast iron mill dust, lead, zinc, aluminum dust, converter dust, filter dust, grinding dust, etc.

The roller press granulator can realize the recycling of resources and protect the environment greatly at the same time. In terms of environmental protection, the equipment adopts the process of no drying and normal temperature production, with high particle strength and higher bulk specific gravity than other granulation methods, which is especially suitable for increasing the bulk specific gravity of products.

roller press granulator
roller press granulator

What’s more important is that the mechanical transmission system of the roller type granulator is completely sealed in the body. As the powder material completes the granulation process in the wet state, there is no three wastes discharged from the operation of the prilling and its follow-up process, which truly achieves green production. The roller press granulator has achieved the green reuse of organic fertilizer p​roduction line, and its market potential is huge.

Method for fermenting organic fertilizer with sugar residue – Tianci factory guide

The main components of filter mud and bagasse in sugar factory are broken fiber, fatty matter, protein, mineral and a small amount of sugar, and they contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients that can be absorbed by crops. By fermenting these wastes, the organic matter in the filter mud can be further recombined and humified, and then processed into granular products by the organic fertilizer granulator, which can become a new type of bio fertilizer with high efficiency, safety and quality, and realize the secondary utilization of organic wastes.

Technical scheme of sugar residue fermented organic fertilizer

Sugar slag material ratio: 2 parts of filter mud, 1 part of bagasse and 1 part of ash.
1. Dilute the strains, mix 1kg of organic fertilizer inoculum with 10kg of corn flour, and mix it evenly into 5 tons of raw materials.
2. Upset. During the fermentation process, the materials will gradually heat up, and if oxygen is needed, the compost turning machine will be used to process the materials. When the temperature of the compost reaches 50 degrees, turn over the pile in time. When the temperature reaches about 70 ℃, it will fall over twice a day. The entire fermentation cycle is 7-15 days.
3. When the temperature is below 10 ℃, cover the pile with a curtain, straw and other air-permeable insulation; if the pile is covered with plastic film, the film must be removed when the temperature of the compost rises to 40 degrees.
4. After mixing the wet filter mud, the total water content is 40-60%. If the water content is too high, the fermentation time will be extended; if the water content is too low, the fermentation will be incomplete.

fermenting organic fertilizer with sugar residue
fermenting organic fertilizer with sugar residue

Nutrient supplement plan of organic fertilizer

The compost after fermentation of sugar residue conforms to the standard of organic fertilizer machine, which can effectively kill the pathogenic bacteria contained in the filter mud, degrade toxic and harmful substances, improve the conversion rate of biological enzyme in the filter mud, and decompose the nutrients that are difficult to be absorbed by crops. However, if we want to increase crop yield and help crop growth, we need to supplement other nutrients. The compost is mixed with NPK fertilizer (such as urea, superphosphate, potassium fulvic acid, etc.) and other nutrients, and then it is made into a new type of organic compound fertilizer by disc granulator machine, which greatly improves the fertilizer efficiency.

The advantage of the roller press granulator

​Organic fertilizer machine to be designed and used to produce the fertilizer. In the fertilizer manufacturing process, it is to be equipped with different type and series fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating process. What advantages of the roller press granulator?

Brief introduction of roller press granulator:

Zhengzhou Huaqiang brand counter roller press granulator is the key fertilizer equipment of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer granulation.It has advanced technology,reasonable design,compact structure,novel and partical,low engery consumption.It forms a small production lin with corresponding equipment,which can form a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production.With eugeniscs formula,no need to dry,normal temperature production,the products is roller once to make the product quality meet the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer.It is a comsumption reducing product in compound fertilizer industry.

roller press granulator
roller press granulator

Application features of the double roller press granulator:

1. The roller press granulator machine is produced by non drying process,granulating at normal temperature and forming at one time.It has the characteristics of less investment,quick effect and good economic benefit.
2. The structure of the fertilizer granulator machine adopts granulation,molding and screening as a whole,which makes it beautiful in appearance,simple in operation and low in engery consumption.The main parts such as roll body are made of a new type of metal with the characteristics of corrosion resistance,wear resistance and impact resistance.

Fertilizer granulator machine series products not only the roller press granulator machine, it is also included the disc granulator machine, rotary drum granulator machine and so on.

Horizontal fertilizer mixer machine for bio fertilizer granulator

Bio-organic fertilizer granulator based on chicken manure, pigeon manure, duck droppings, and other poultry manure, Adding auxiliary soymeal, dregs, slag, yeast, sugar and trace elements N, P, K, and so on. And through the fermentation process, crushing or granulating into organic fertilizer equipment for chicken manure organic fertilizer products. For the farmers, most of the bio-organic fertilizer granulators purchased for self-production and self-sale, so they pay more attention to the price. For the farmers, due to the small number of raw materials, small organic fertilizer granulators are generally chosen small organic fertilizer granulator.

This series of horizontal mixing(blending) machine is a new generation of mixing equipment which developed by our company. It has high mixing degree and less residue. It is suitable for mixing organic and inorganic fertilizer. The specific features as following: the material can be fully mixed, thus improving the mixing uniformity;the new rotor structure be used to make the gap between the rotor and the casing close to zero, thus effectively reducing the residual amount the material; the special rotor design of the machine can also break the large material, the overall structure is more reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

Horizontal fertilizer mixer machine
Horizontal fertilizer mixer machine

Features of horizontal mixier:

1.Fast mixing speed with good uniformity.
2.Widely application.
3.Fast speed discharging and ledd residue.

In fertilizer prodution line, it is to be equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials that the series fertilizer machine can use the simple compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials. And then it is to be equipped with the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials. We can use the chain crusher machine, and the horizontal mixer machine to deal with the organic raw materials. Next, when producing the organic fertilizer granulator, the fertilizer granulator machine are necessary to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process.

In organic fertilizer production line, we can use the rotary drum granulator machine which it is also to be equipped in npk fertilizer production line to finish the production process of the npk fertilizer granulator. The rotary drum granulator machine generally to be used by using the wet granulation method to finish the production process.This point is different from the roller press organic fertilizer granulator machine that it is usually to use the dry granulation method to produce the fertilizer granulator.

How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer machine manufacturers?

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line can effectively reduce the eutrophication of surface water bodies caused by pollution, solve the environmental pollution caused by breeding industries such as cattle farms and other organic wastes, and lay a foundation for human consumption of green food and organic food. A good foundation is conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant.

fertilizer machine

The cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process is using organic waste such as livestock manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer, pure organic fertilizer and organic inorganic fertilizer. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is characterized by fresh cow dung as raw material, after a series of processing and advanced technology, producing complete sets of production equipment of natural organic cow manure fertilizer.

The equipment is easy to operate, low in energy consumption and high in output. It adopts a new generation of high-efficiency granulation process, scientific and reasonable process, compact layout, and effectively solves the key technical problems, such as the organic raw materials are difficult to granulate of traditional granulation process, the addition amount is low, and the raw materials need to be dried and smashed treatment. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment has stable operation, energy saving and no consumption, no three discharges, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and wide adaptability of raw materials. It can produce spherical pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer; the particles are round and uniform, smooth, good fluidity and high strength.

How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturers? First, let us know what equipment is composed of cow dung organic fertilizer equipment?

Cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is divided into three configurations: low, medium and high:

Low configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment.

Medium configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

High configuration: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation compost turner machine, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

The quality of organic fertilizer equipment directly affects the level of efficiency. Therefore, when we choose the cow manure organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, we must not blindly choose, we must choose strong and responsible manufacturers. It is not easy for customers to earn every penny. It is also necessary to carefully select the equipment that is more suitable for them and find a manufacturer of organic fertilizer production lines with excellent technology and good after-sales service.

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The working principle of the disc granulator in the fertilizer production line

The disc granulator machine is mainly used in the NPK fertilizer production line and organic fertilizer production line to produce various granular products; it’s also used in pharmaceutical products, fertilizers, feeds, etc. Adopting the overall arc structure, the granulation rate can reach above 93%. The granulation tray has three discharge ports, which facilitates intermittent production operations, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

Disc fertilizer granulator machine working principle:
The raw meal powder is uniformly wetted by the atomized water in the mixer to form a spherical core having a uniform particle size, and then fed into a ball plate for ball formation. The moisture of the ball should be controlled at 12-14%. Most of the water should be added in the twin-shaft mixer. Only a small amount of supplementary water is added to the ball plate, and the amount of water added is controlled to be about 0 to 3%. The dry powder granulation is directly added to the ball-forming plate, and the proper amount of water is sprayed. The raw material nucleus enters the spherical disk and is subjected to centrifugal force, friction and gravity in the disk, and moves along the parabola. Due to the cohesiveness and plasticity of the material, the cores are bonded to each other and gradually grow up during the movement. When the inclination angle of the ball disc, the height of the disc edge, the rotation speed and the moisture are constant, the balls of different particle sizes roll downward from the edge of the disc at different disengagement angles due to different gravity. During the continuous rolling process, the ball continuously discharges the water in the ball out of the surface. Due to the cohesiveness of the material and the natural volatilization of the surface liquid film, the ball has certain strength, and then the disk is rotated with the tilting of the disk. The sides are discharged out of the pan.

Disc granulator performance advantages:
1. The raw materials are suitable for a wide range of applications. They can be used for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical feed, coal, metallurgy, etc., and can produce various concentrations and various types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, and magnetic fertilizer etc.) of compound fertilizer.
2. The disc granulator is light in weight, low in height, and flexible in process;
3. The machine has simple structure, convenient adjustment and superior performance.
4. The use of unique unpowered combination scraper integration reduces auxiliary power consumption.

5, high ball formation rate, large rounded particle strength, intuitive operation, easy maintenance and so on.

Fertilizer granulator machine is the core equipment for fertilizer manufacturing process. As one of leading fertilizer machine manufacturers in China, in addition to the disc granulator, we also produce other types of fertilizer granulator machines, and other equipment such as compost turning machines, mixer machine, crusher machine, etc.


The technology of organic and inorganic fertilizer production

The inorganic non-chemical produced by chemical method has the advantages of high nutrient content, fast fertilizer efficiency, convenient storage and transportation, and convenient application. Organic-inorganic compound fertilizers are not a simple blend of organic and inorganic fertilizers. In order to produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizer stably and efficiency, it is necessary to solve the granulation property of the mixture. The organic fertilizer production line is mainly divided into two major steps: one is the fermentation of organic matter; the other is the mixing of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer after fermentation. The materials that need to be deal with organic fertilizer include poultry manure, wheat straw, rice husked. These materials are needed to be broken first, and the livestock manure must be fermented in order to move out the odor. The fermented organic fertilizer is mixed with inorganic fertilizer to granulate.

fertilizer production line

The fertilizer granulating production:
Making the raw material aftermentating by using the fermentation compost turner machine put into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix and then add some N,P,K, to fermentation again. After that making the material to be dried using the drum dryer and then enter the fertilizer granulator to make fertilizer granules. At the time the temperature is high and we need to use the drum dryer to dry the water to the requirement of producing the organic-inorganic fertilizer granules. After cooling ,using the drum screening machine to separate the fertilizer granules which don’t meet the requirements of the fertilizer size and make them into the fertilizer granulator machine to be granulated again.