Water control of drum granulator during granulation

In chemical processing industry, rotary drum granulator is widely used in organic fertilizer production line and NPK fertilizer production line. In the granulation process of the drum granulator, the coarsening in the pellet is mainly in the form of cladding, so the material circulation volume should be larger, so as to provide a coarser core for the cladding process, and the water injection volume should be smaller, so as to reduce the water absorption of the core.

When pelletizing by bonding or “gathering”, the materials are smaller, because the materials in the drum are mainly composed of fresh materials with small particle size and mutual bonding. The liquid ratio required for bonding should be large, because the space between the fine powder particles to be bonded with each other should be filled with water.

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How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer machine manufacturers?

The cow manure organic fertilizer production line can effectively reduce the eutrophication of surface water bodies caused by pollution, solve the environmental pollution caused by breeding industries such as cattle farms and other organic wastes, and lay a foundation for human consumption of green food and organic food. A good foundation is conducive to improving the safety and quality of agricultural products, and the ecological and environmental benefits are extremely significant.

fertilizer machine

The cow manure organic fertilizer manufacturing process is using organic waste such as livestock manure to produce bio-organic fertilizer, pure organic fertilizer and organic inorganic fertilizer. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is characterized by fresh cow dung as raw material, after a series of processing and advanced technology, producing complete sets of production equipment of natural organic cow manure fertilizer.

The equipment is easy to operate, low in energy consumption and high in output. It adopts a new generation of high-efficiency granulation process, scientific and reasonable process, compact layout, and effectively solves the key technical problems, such as the organic raw materials are difficult to granulate of traditional granulation process, the addition amount is low, and the raw materials need to be dried and smashed treatment. The cow manure organic fertilizer equipment has stable operation, energy saving and no consumption, no three discharges, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and wide adaptability of raw materials. It can produce spherical pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer; the particles are round and uniform, smooth, good fluidity and high strength.

How to choose cow dung organic fertilizer production line equipment manufacturers? First, let us know what equipment is composed of cow dung organic fertilizer equipment?

Cow manure organic fertilizer equipment is divided into three configurations: low, medium and high:

Low configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment.

Medium configuration: semi-wet material pulverizer, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

High configuration: chicken manure dehydrator, fermentation compost turner machine, semi-wet material crusher, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator machine, dryer, cooler, drum sieving machine, coating machine, packaging equipment, belt conveyor, etc.

The quality of organic fertilizer equipment directly affects the level of efficiency. Therefore, when we choose the cow manure organic fertilizer machine manufacturers, we must not blindly choose, we must choose strong and responsible manufacturers. It is not easy for customers to earn every penny. It is also necessary to carefully select the equipment that is more suitable for them and find a manufacturer of organic fertilizer production lines with excellent technology and good after-sales service.

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Common problems in the production of organic fertilizer

Fermentation and granulation are the two most critical steps in a complete organic fertilizer production line, so fermentation turners and organic fertilizer granulator machine play an important role in all organic fertilizer plants. Here we will discuss the problems that may be encountered in the production process of these two key links.
organic fertilizer production line machines

There are many types of organic fertilizer fermentation turning equipment, and the models of the same type are also different in size. We can choose according to the production needs. In the current market, the widely used one is trough fermentation, and the representative one is the ordinary trough turning machine, which is suitable for the small-yield organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project. When in use, the stacker should be parked in the fermentation open space, and the piled teeth should not be immersed in the raw materials. After the turning teeth are completely rotated, the walking motor can be turned on and the fattening operation can be started slowly. This avoids the large resistance encountered when the turning motor is started, and has some unnecessary consequences; sometimes in order to improve the fermentation tank utilization rate and the high accumulation of fertilizers can also lead to excessive resistance when turning over, with serious consequences.

The importance of organic fertilizer granulator machine in organic fertilizer production line is self-evident. The key to improving product yield and output is organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Depending on the raw materials, we can choose the right granulation machine, but then we have to find ways to use these machines to give them the greatest capacity advantage. Through the principle of granulation, we have learned that the powder raw materials are bonded by water to form spherical particles, so the two indicators of controlling the moisture content and making the moisture content uniform are the key factors for improving the yield. When the moisture content is low, the granulation rate is low, the moisture content is high, and the large particles are large, and the water is not uniform, and the particle size is small and the yield is lower. Therefore, we should constantly explore the optimal moisture content during the production process to ensure high-yield production.

In an organic fertilizer production line, there are many types of equipment such as fermentation turner, organic fertilizer pulverizer, mixing, fertilizer granulator machine, tumble dryer, rotary cooler, drum sieving machine, automatic packaging machine, etc. But here we only list the related topics of the fermentation turner and the fertilizer granulator machine. First, because of the importance of these two devices in the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment, and second, the experience required for the two equipments is relatively high. More, it is necessary to constantly explore and summarize in the future production process to maximize the efficiency of the equipment.

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How to Solve Dust Pollution in Organic Fertilizer and NPK Fertilizer Production

Because of the characteristics of materials, a lot of dust will be produced in fertilizer production, which will pollute the environment. In order to avoid this problem, dust removal devices should be set up in the design of organic fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production project to solve the problem of dust emission.

Dust Problem in Organic Fertilizer Production Line

In the organic fertilizer production line, when the moisture content of raw materials is low, they are often crushed and uneven solids. When the raw materials are transported to the equipment, if they are transported in the open air, there is no effective sealing measures, so the dust concentration in the air of the organic fertilizer manufacturing site will be too high. In addition, most small and medium-sized enterprises lack effective treatment means when discharging exhaust gas, which leads to the emission of exhaust gas not up to the standard and dust pollution.

Dust Problem in NPK Fertilizer Production Process

Take NPK fertilizer production project as an example, because the raw material of NPK fertilizer is brittle, it is easy to form small particle dust. When the dust is disturbed by airflow, it is easy to fly. Because of the low water content of NPK fertilizer, the dust is easy to absorb and adhere to the equipment. Therefore, when grading by using the screening device, the dust can easily block the sieve holes of the screen, thereby affecting the grading effect and even damaging the screen. As a result, the screen must be frequently replaced, on the one hand, the production cost is increased, on the one hand, to improve production costs, on the other hand to reduce production efficiency.

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

To solve the problem of dust pollution in the fertilizer manufacturing process, it is necessary to set up a dust collector room and dust collector equipment in the process of fertilizer production. Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer have designed a special cyclone dust collector to remove dust from the organic fertilizer manufacturing process. And in the construction of fertilizer plant, dust collector room is more suitable for large NPK fertilizer production line, we can help customers build dust collector room.

Instructions for making chicken manure organic fertilizer

The feces in the farm is a major problem that plagues the farm to solve the environmental pollution at this stage, therefore, we can only solve the pollution angle, to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, through decades of continuous exploration and research, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industries summed up the most effective method of producing organic fertilizer production line from animal waste fermentation, this will not only convert waste into usable energy but also solve the pollution caused by aquaculture.

chicken manure organic fertilizer production

Fermentation is mainly in the ground stacking or fermentation tank, that is, chicken manure stacked in the fermentation tank, the best at the same time to add the appropriate amount of fermentation bacteria, the use of a compost turning machine stirring evenly, usually fermentation time of 12-15 days.

After deep fermentation of chicken manure, it’s dried and crushed. The chicken manure after crushed can be directly applied, but is only called the traditional farm fertilizer, cannot be called commodity organic fertilizer.

However, if you want to make commercialized organic fertilizer, i.e. implement the NY525-2011 standard. According to this standard, the total content of NPK must be greater than or equal to 5%, organic matter must be greater than or equal to 78%, water is less than or equal to 30%, and the PH value is 5.5-8.0. Of course, there are other requirements, such as heavy metal content cannot exceed the standard, tick egg mortality and E. coli value, etc. need to meet the standard. Only meet the above requirements are qualified organic fertilizer. In terms of appearance, commodity organic fertilizers are divided into powder and particles. If you want to produce grain-forming commodity organic fertilizer, but also need to use fertilizer granulator for granulation, organic fertilizer granulation production equipment generally uses a disc granulator machine. Others have rotary drum granulator machine, etc.

Our company is specialized in the organic fertilizer production line, the production of fertilizer equipment are: compost turning machine, crusher machine, blender, fertilizer granulator machine, etc., welcome to inquiry.

Application of compost turner machine in organic fertilizer production line


As a new type of compost turner machine, Double-screws Turning Machine is widely used in animal manure organic fertilizer production and bio-organic fertilizer production. It is the core equipment of aerobic dynamic composting, and it is based on the organic Fertilizer manufacturing process and NPK fertilizer production machinery equipment family. The unique mechanical design and practical mechanical properties are rapidly multiplying, and it is the best substitute for replacing the manual and forklift materials. It is the mainstream product of the pre-fermentation application of organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

compost turning machine

The Double-screws Turning Machine comprises a traverse device, a traveling device and a tumbling device, wherein the tumbling device comprises two reducers fixed to the frame, a screw shaft connected to the respective reducer via a coupling member and fixed with a spiral blade. When the device is walking on a specific track, the screw shaft will no longer work, and the screw shaft will automatically rotate to move against the work when walking to the effective work surface. The fermentation rate is increased, the compost is rapidly decomposed, the odor is prevented from being generated, and the fermentation time is shortened.

Double-screws Turning Machine performance characteristics:

  1. Fully stir the doping to make the material meet the granulation demand quickly.
  2. Due to the large stacking force, the material is supplemented with more fresh air, which helps the aerobic microbial fermentation to heat up, and constitutes a process of high-temperature exchange, which helps all kinds of beneficial micro-bacteria to develop and multiply in the temperature range where it adapts.
  3. The turner system can process the material into small clumps, making the thick and dense material pile loose and elastic, and forming a suitable porosity.
  4. After the raw materials are turned over and fermented, there is certain water content. The consumption of raw materials by a large amount of microorganisms generated after turning over the piles will also release the water in the carrier. Therefore, as the fertilizer process reduces water, in addition to the evaporation of the heat transfer composition, the turning machine flips the raw materials to form a forced water vapor volatilization.
  5. Achieve special requirements for the composting process. For example, the breaking of the raw material, the shape of the raw material pile or the quantitative shift of the raw material is achieved. As one of the important equipment in the fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer production process, the turner has been at the forefront of the development of the times, making great contributions to the organic fertilizer production line and biofertilizer project.

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Economic Benefit of Producing Slow-acting NPK Complex Fertilizer

Because of the low utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, people try to make a slow-release and high-utilization fertilizer to meet the demand of nitrogen in different growth stages of crops, reduce the loss of nitrogen leaching and volatilization, reduce the fixation of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the soil, so that the fertilizer can supply nutrients according to the requirement of crop fertilizer. The available CaO, MgO, SiO 2 and various trace elements in fertilizers are also good soil amendments. The coated NPK fertilizer manufacturing process can produce suitable fertilizer products.


Slow release coated fertilizer manufacturing process

NPK Fertilizer Production Process

According to the sustainable development of agriculture and the demand of improving fertilizer utilization rate, Zhengzhou Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturer has developed a slow-acting, high-utility coated complex fertilizer manufacturing process. The fertilizer manufacturing process is based on the instant granular fertilizer as the core, one or more slow-release plant nutrients as the coating, inorganic acid complex, slow solvent and other binders to wrap water-soluble fertilizer, forming a complex fertilizer with both quick-acting and slow-acting components. We provide fertilizer manufacturing process including fertilizer granulator machine, pulverizer, rotary dryers, coolers, drum screening machines, coating machines, packing machines and other equipment. The whole set of fertilizer production equipment can complete the processing and coating of the particles of the complex fertilizer, so that the fertilizer has high utilization rate in the soil.


Benefits of NPK Fertilizer Production Process

In the process of fertilizer production, the structure and composition of cladding layer can be adjusted to control the release rate of nutrients so as to reduce leaching loss and improve the utilization rate of fertilizers. This fertilizer product not only has the characteristics of slowly releasing nutrients, but also can meet the needs of nutrients for the whole growth period of crops and the ratio of nutrient utilization rate by one basal application. Conventional quick-acting fertilizer increased by 10-30 percentage points, the utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer could reach 50%-70%, and the amount of fertilizer used could be reduced by 10%-40%. Due to the remarkable economic and social benefits of slow-acting and high-utilization wrapped complex fertilizer, and in line with the direction of fertilizer development, it is worth vigorously promoting.

Processing organic fertilizer by using crop straw

The crop straw organic fertilizer production line advanced composting fermentation process, inoculates high-speed and high-efficiency fermentation bacteria, which makes the straw cellulose rapidly decompose and transform, and all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, weed seeds and aphid eggs are killed, and produce the bio-organic fertilizers with strong stability and full range of nutrient. We combine straw with biological manure and then use organic fertilizer production line equipment for processing. However, the bio-organic fertilizer produced contains a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium required for crop growth, and most of them exist in organic form, organic fertilizer. It can not only meet the needs of crop growth, but also improve the ability of crops to adapt to adverse environments.

crop straw organic fertilizer production line

In order to use crop straw to produce and process organic fertilizer, the scale of design should be determined according to the yield of straw after crop harvesting and fertilizer requirements, and the total amount of crop straw that can be collected.

Straw organic fertilizer production technology and characteristics:
Modern composting is an improved process based on the traditional composting process. It uses organic fertilizer processing equipment and fermenting bacteria to accelerate the composting speed, improve the nitrogen retention capacity, and further process the organic fertilizer production equipment to make the straw organic.Fertilizer efficiency has improved significantly. Because of its good nitrogen fixation effect and good ammoniation, this fertilizer is accompanied by a variety of complex nitrogen-fixing bacteria, which not only has a significant effect on soil improvement, water retention and fertilizer conservation, but also can be widely used in gardening such as flowers, afforestation, inoculum and protected areas.

The main body of the special straw organic fertilizer production line is compost turning machine and organic fertilizer granulator machine. The feed bin of the reaction chamber receives the crushed material of the crop straw, and is uniformly mixed with the yeast and the appropriate amount of water, and then enters the biological digestion reaction chamber for microbial digestion and nitrogen fixation. Treatment, and then enter the microbial fermentation reaction chamber catalytic fermentation to improve fertilizer efficiency, and finally into the heap tank in the microbial fermentation discharge port to be decomposed.

The technology of crop straw composting bio-organic fertilizer is an improved version of the composting production process. The corn straw after harvesting is microbial degraded, fermented and decomposed, and organic fertilizer is prepared by batching, by optimizing the specific environment of the microbial strain. After fermentation, it can be further dried and pulverized as needed, and then the fertilizer granulator machine is used to convert the material into qualified organic fertilizer granule raw materials.

Designing of the bio fertilizer production

The designing of the bio fertilizer production line improve the bio organic fertilizer production efficiency.And it uses the fertilizer manufacturing technology to finish the producing process.The organic fertilizer and the npk compound fertilizer all can be produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.Different type fertilizer production line is also designed and in the different type lines are also equipped with different type fertilizer equipment to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.The bio fertilizer is also seem to be an organic fertilizer,but the fertilizer manufacturing process of a little differences from the organic fertilizer and  npk fertilizer production.There we share the bio fertilizer production.
In the bio fertilizer production,the choice of raw materials can be all kinds of livestock manure and all kinds of wastes.The basic formula of bio organic fertilizer production varies with the types and equipment.

The video of the organic fertilizer production

Microecological teory:inoculation of a large number of dominant beneficial microorganisms may play a comprehensive role in regulating ecological balance with the rhizosphere of crops;the role of plant rhizosphere promoting bacteria:the theory holds that inoculation of a large number of benefical bacterial on the root of crops can promote growth as a result of comprehensive application,not as a single role of nitrogen fixation,phosphorus removal,pathogen inhibition or growth stimulation.
1.The basic raw materials:Chicken manure,duck manure.goose manure,pig manure,cattle and sheep manure etc;straw,especially the straw of legumes;filter mud,bagasse,beet dregs etc.of sugar industry;beer mud,distiller’s grains  of breweries;various kinds of cake;soybean cake,cottonseed cake,raeseed cake,etc;grass(mud)carbon;edible mushroom dregs.
2.The process of the bio organic fertilizer production:
The production prodcess of bio organic fertilizer generally includes the following aspects:it can be divided into three mainly parts-fermentation parts,mixing and crushing parts and granulating parts.When producing the bio organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials using the fermentinf technology to kill the bacterials in the raw materials.Then using the fertilizer crusher machine to grind the big and hard raw materials into powder and put them into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw materials with other additional raw materials.And then to put them into the fertilizer granulator machine to shhape into the granulator.The granulator machine type can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Besides the new type can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,the disc  granulator,rotary drum granulator which also can be used in npk fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the npk fertilizer granulator,also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.And the choice of the fertilizer granulator are also related to the raw materials what you use in the production process.
The fertilizer machines picturers of the granulator machine
Fertilizer granulator machine
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers of producing the fertilizer equipment and fertilizer production line,we can design the different type fertilizer production lines for producing the different type fertilizer granulators.We also can supply the customerized severices for producing the different type fertilizer granulator.More other type fertilizer production lines  or fertilizer machines you want to know you can visit our website and leave a message for us about you problems.

Fertilizer manufacturing process

The organic fertilizer machines are designed for producing the organci fertilizer,and the organic fertilizer is widely used in all over the world,which it improves the agricultural development.Organic agriculture is based on certain organic agricultural production standards.It does not use genetically engineered organisms and their products in production.It does not use chemically synthesized pesticides,fertilizers,growth regulators,feed additives,etc.Following natural rules and ecological principles.A method of agricultural production that containes the balance between farming and agriculture and uses a range of sustainable agricultural technologies to maintain a stable agricultural production system.
The fertilizer manufacturing process developed more mature and its development plays an important role in the process of the organic agriculture develop.All types of fertilizer machines are designed by the fertilizer machine engineers.The using of the fertilizer manufacturing process can help the fertilizer producer produce the fertilizer granulator higher efficient and save more time .

organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Taking the organic fertilizer production line as an example,the organic fertilizer production is a little complex compared to the chemical fertilizer granulator.Using the organic fertilizer manufacturing technology which it is equipped the organic fertilizer machine are suitable for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,improve the working efficient and solve many problems.For example,producing the organic fertilizer granulator,sometine it needs to ferment the raw material for sometime,but the result will be not so good.Well,using the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw material is not only can reduce the time of fermenting,it also can make the raw material fermented uniformally.What’s more,when we produce the organic fertilizer granulator we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.
Bio fertilizer and organic agriculture from the definition of organic agriculture,we can see that organic agriculture is more complicated and more demanding than traditional agriculture.To solve these problems,organic agriculture can develop faster and better.It is bound to require higher production technology to match it.

As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are also our products can help the fertilizer producer more.So our engineer also design the new fertilizer machines and fertilizer manufacturing technology according to the change of the agriculture.And our main products are the fertilizer granulator machine and the all types of different fertilizer production lines.Such as the bio fertilizer production and npk fertilizer production.