Difference between the production machines of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer

The internal quality of organic fertilizer mainly depends on raw material fermentation and product formula. The key factors affecting the fermentation of organic fertilizer production process are: microorganism, carbon nitrogen ratio, carbon phosphorus ratio, water content, pH value, aeration control. If one factor is not properly controlled, the whole fermentation will be affected, resulting in incomplete fermentation of materials or long fermentation time. If the material fermentation is well formulated, the effect is better than inorganic fertilizer, and the cost is also low. It can also improve the living environment of plants and become green fertilizer. The formula of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is different from that of inorganic fertilizer, and there are also differences in different soil and crop formulas. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is different from that of compound fertilizer, and the fertilizer production machine is also different.

Difference of production technology between compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer

The machines required for the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is mainly divided into two parts, fermentation part and production granulation part. NPK fertilizer manufacturing process is mainly granulation processing. The granulation part of organic fertilizer is also different from that of inorganic fertilizer.
Because organic raw materials are different from inorganic raw materials, the production of inorganic raw materials can be mainly based on the formula of raw materials, which is mainly chemical reaction. If the formula is proper, the operation is skilled, the pelletizing rate is very high, and the production is relatively easy. Roller granulator is suitable for dry granulation of NPK fertilizer and disk granulator is suitable for wet granulation.
For organic fertilizer, granulation is difficult even if the raw materials are fermented well, because the characteristics of organic raw materials are light, rough, low adhesion, and a wide variety of organic raw materials. Raw materials have different characteristics, so when selecting fertilizer granulating machine, special attention should be paid, otherwise not only the output will be affected, but also the appearance of the product is not beautiful. Rotary drum granulator is generally used for granulation of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.

fertilizer production machine
fertilizer production machine

When selecting the organic fertilizer production machine, we should pay attention to the following points: output of organic fertilizer production, organic raw materials, fermentation mode, fertilizer granulator machine, mechanization degree of organic fertilizer equipment. These are key factors in purchasing equipment. In short, organic fertilizer production is a relatively complex process, but the risk is relatively small, which can bring rich profits to the enterprise.

Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment is a magic weapon for green aquaculture

Organic fertilizer production equipment is widely used in agricultural and forestry crops, and plays an important role in the market. The fertilizer production machine continuously processes high-quality fertilizer products, drives the rapid economic development, drives the continuous progress of enterprises, and brings us a happy life.

fertilizer production machine
fertilizer production machine

The organic fertilizer production line is a professional equipment for the disposal of farm manure waste. It is an equipment for improving farm environmental pollution, changing air and soil pollution. There are many advantages in using the granulation equipment of organic fertilizer, which makes the farm users gain a lot. Even the most difficult to dispose of pig manure, through the treatment of compost turner machine, has become pig manure organic fertilizer, so that pig manure can also be turned into good things for sale. To invest in organic fertilizer production machine is to invest successfully.

Organic fertilizer production equipment can not only bring convenience to agricultural production, but also promote economic development and improve people’s quality of life. The equipment of the Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer has undergone market tests, and the rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, crusher, screening machine, rotary dryer and other equipment have been widely praised by users. Whether the choice of machine-made materials is reasonable, whether the organic fertilizer produced meets people’s needs, and whether the equipment realizes the functions people want, these are the development of organic fertilizer equipment Are important.

Organic fertilizer pelletizing production equipment can not only process fertilizer products, but also can be used for processing feed for breeding. Roller granulator and flat die pellet mill is a mainstream granulation machine used for feed granulation, sawdust granulation, organic fertilizer granulation, etc. The flat die extrusion pellet mill can be used as the core equipment for processing fertilizer granules in the organic fertilizer production line. It can also process the feed granules required by the farm when it is idle, with multiple functions. As long as the water content of the raw material formula is appropriate, there is generally no need for drying equipment. After the extruded granulated product is naturally cooled, it can be measured and packaged. The compressive strength of the granule is greater than 8 Newtons. The finished product rate of extruded pellets is fully in line with the agricultural industry standards.

Process and equipment of 20000 t / a organic fertilizer production line

What kind of organic fertilizer equipment and process customers choose, the investment and production costs and benefits are different. Therefore, how to choose a reasonable process configuration is an important factor to effectively reduce the cost of equipment when inspecting the production process equipment. This paper introduces the process of organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 20000 tons designed by Tianci factory.
20000 t / a organic fertilizer production line

Process of organic fertilizer production equipment of each process system

① Fermentation system: the fermentation system of organic fertilizer equipment process consists of biological deodorizer, mixing mixer, special compost turner machine and electric automatic control system.

② Drying system: the main equipment includes belt conveyor, rotary dryer, cooler, induced draft fan, hot blast furnace, etc.

③ Deodorization and dedusting system: composed of settling chamber, dedusting chamber, etc.

④ Pulverizing system: including new semi wet material pulverizer, LP chain crusher or cage crushing machine, etc.

⑤ The batching system includes automatic electronic batching system, disc feeder and vibrating screen. The batching equipment can be configured with 6-8 kinds of raw materials at a time.

⑥ The mixing system consists of optional horizontal mixer or disc mixer, vibrating screen, mobile belt conveyor, etc.

⑦ The granulator equipment needed for fertilizer granulator system shall be set according to the raw materials and process. The pelletizer can be selected as follows: double roller granulator, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer combined granulator, pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator, flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator, ball shaping machine, etc.
granulator equipment
⑧ Drying system: the organic fertilizer drying system consists of a rotary dryer and a cooler.

⑨ Screening and coating system: it is mainly completed by the roller screen, which can be equipped with primary screen and secondary screen, so that the yield is higher and the particles are better. After screening, the fertilizer coating machine can be used to ensure that the fertility is not released.

⑩ Finished product packaging system generally includes electronic quantitative packaging scale, silo, automatic sewing machine, etc. In this way, automatic and non-intermittent production of organic fertilizer equipment can be realized; the conveyor system mostly uses belt conveyors and screw conveyors.

The raw material has good comminution fineness, which is beneficial to the pelletizing processing of disc granulator machine and other equipment. During the operation of the organic fertilizer production line, considering that the high fineness of the pulverizer will produce certain dust pollution, the dust treatment of the pulverizer should also develop perfect measures to ensure that there is a good environmental condition in the production workshop and a good working environment for the operators.
In the dedusting system, the small production line can adopt the cyclone deduster series products, so as to facilitate the collection and recovery of materials. Cyclone dust collector will not produce high temperature and condensation phenomenon, and the equipment price is relatively low, which saves the equipment cost very well, and is the ideal product of proportioning dust removal system. The process of organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons is more cost-effective to build a dust removal room, with better dust removal effect, high efficiency and long service life.

Organic fertilizer equipment drum granulator and disc granulator being export

Our organic fertilizer production line granulation equipment is ready for export. The granulator is common equipment for our organic fertilizer manufacturing process, and it is also used more equipment. The plant exported two granulation equipment: a disc granulator machine and a rotary drum granulator.
fertilizer production machine

Disc Granulator Machine

1. The disc angle of the granulating disc adopts the integral circular arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%.

2. The pelletizing tray has three outlets, which is convenient for discontinuous production, greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves the labor efficiency.

3. The reducer and motor are driven by flexible belt, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.

4. The bottom of the pelletizing tray is strengthened by several radiation steel plates, which are durable and never deformed. Thickened, heavier and strong base design, without anchor bolts fixed, smooth operation.

5. The main gear of disc granulator is quenched by high frequency, and its service life is doubled.

6.The organic fertilizer granulator disc is lined with high-strength FRP, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.

7. The whole machine is divided into frame parts welded with high carbon channel steel.

8. Disc pan granulator adjusting part is welded by high carbon steel plate and channel steel.

9. The service life of high frequency quenching used in transmission part is twice as long as that of the original one, and taper matching is adopted in the connection part of the column head, which makes the design more reasonable.

10. The pan granulator plate is designed by integral arc, which is durable and never deformed.

11. The automatic cleaning part is equipped with automatic cleaning boards, so as to remove the materials adhering to the plate wall in the production process, greatly improve the service life and save labor.

Rotary Drum Granulator

  • (1) Rotary drum granulator has high productivity. It has specifications of 1-3 tons per hour, 3-5 tons per hour and 5-8 tons per hour, 10-15 tons per hour, etc. The granulation rate of organic fertilizer can reach more than 90%.
  • (2) The energy saving and consumption reduction of the equipment is that the raw materials are carried out at room temperature, which reduces the dry energy consumption.
  • (3) Low investment, drum granulation organic fertilizer manufacturing process eliminates the raw material drying process, while the return ratio is low, the operation process is simple and convenient, the operation is stable and reliable, maintenance is relatively convenient and easy, greatly saving labor intensity;
  • (4) Simplify the production process. The equipment makes use of the intermolecular force of the raw material itself, simplifies the process of granulation of the raw material, and reduces the consumption of additives and energy.
  • (5) Green and environmental protection, because the equipment only uses electric energy, no three wastes are discharged, which is in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.
  • (6) Rotary drum granulator is widely used. This equipment is mainly used in medicine, chemical industry, feed, compound fertilizer and granulation of various raw materials. It can produce various types and concentrations of compound fertilizer.