Reasonable ratio of raw materials is the basis to improve the ball formation rate

Single chemical fertilizer can not meet the needs of various nutrients of plants. NPK fertilizer production line mixes and granulates different nutrients to improve fertilizer efficiency. So how to improve the pelletizing rate of fertilizer?

fertilizer ball
fertilizer ball

1. Reasonable match of fineness of raw materials. According to our experience, the fineness of the whole raw material should be matched as follows: about 30% – 40% of the raw materials with 100-60 mesh, about 35% of the raw materials with 60 mesh to 1.00mm diameter, and about 25% – 30% of the small particles with 1.00-2.00mm diameter. The higher the fineness of the material, the better the viscosity, and the higher the surface finish of the granulated particles. However, in the production process, the proportion of high fineness materials is too high, and it is easy to cause the bad problems such as too large particles, irregular particles and material wall sticking due to the good viscosity.

2. The reasonable collocation of cohesive material and dispersive material. In the production process formula, the proportion of viscous raw materials is high, the organic fertilizer granulator is easy to form balls, the proportion of dispersive raw materials is high, and there are more fine powders. In the conventional formula, the proportion of low concentration compound fertilizer viscosity raw material is 45% – 50%, and the proportion of high concentration compound fertilizer viscosity raw material is 35% – 40%. At the same time, it should be combined with material fineness. With bad matching, there will be no fine powder, no particles, particles are not round, easy to get big balls and other problems in the production process.

3. The chemical reaction between materials should be considered when formulating. After the formulation of some materials, free water will be precipitated during the production process, which will cause the liquid phase of the material to exceed the standard and cannot be produced normally. After matching, some raw materials will greatly reduce the critical relative humidity of the mixture. During the process of organic fertilizer production equipment, due to the large amount of moisture absorption Unable to produce normally. Therefore, the chemical reaction between the materials must be considered when formulating to achieve a reasonable match between the materials.

4. Comprehensive water content of the material after mixing. The water content of the raw materials directly affects the pelletizing effect of the disc granulator machine. Some materials are stirred into mud without steam and water in the production, resulting in the failure of normal production. Therefore, keeping a low water content of the material is conducive to the addition of steam in the granulation, to the improvement of the temperature and viscosity of the material, so as to improve the compatibility between the materials and the balling rate.

How to use the roller press granulator?

Roller press granulator machine is a kind of organic fertilizer machine to be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process. How to equipped of the roller press granulator?

The roller press granulator machine is a new designed fertilizer granulator machine series.It is usually to be equipped in npk fertilizer production line to make npk, compound fertilizer granulator. It is produced by no drying and normal temperature process, with one time forming, output of 1-1.5t/h and 1.5t/h-3t/h.The equipment has the advantages of less investment, quick effect and good encomic benefit.

roller press granulator
roller press granulator

The layout of complete equipment of roller press granulator is compact, scientific and reasonable, and the technology is advanced. Engery saving and consumption reduction, no discharge of three wastes, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.Wide adaptability of raw materials, suitable for granulation various raw materials such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed etc., with high granulation rate.

Double roller press pelletizer can produce various of compound fertilizer with various concentrations with being made in the fertilizer production line (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetized fertilizer, etc.) .

Supply efficient disc NPK fertilizer granulator machine

Disc granulator machine can be used in the high-efficiency NPK fertilizer production line of 5 tons per hour, which is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. The disc pan granulator adopts arc disc angle structure, the granulation rate can reach more than 90%, the product particles are uniform, the machine runs smoothly, and the service life is long. Disc granulation machine is one of the granulators for NPK compound fertilizer production.

In the compound fertilizers production with different processes, the granular fertilizers with round appearance, gloss, uniform particle size, compact internal structure, uniform nutrient mixing and high strength are required not only to have finer materials and higher mixing degree, but also to have appropriate technological parameters and reasonable operating conditions.

As various fertilizer machine manufacturers, we supply organic fertilizer production equipment, compound fertilizer machinery, and different types of disc granulators. Disc fertilizer granulator varies with inner diameter, side height and rotational speed. According to the production conditions, combined with the plant budget, customers can choose their favorite production line to put into production. Our disc fertilizer granulator is your ideal NPK compound fertilizer granulator machine.

Production Characteristics of Disc Granulator Machine

Disc granulation machine is an important part of fertilizer manufacturing. Granular fertilizer is easy to transport and store. It has the characteristics of uniform granules and high granulation rate. In the process of fertilizer granulation, with the increase of inorganic fertilizer, the water content of fertilizer decreases when it is granulated. Appropriately shortening the granulation time can improve the granulation effect. The longer the granulation time is, the bigger the particle diameter is and the worse the effect is.
Disc Granulator Machine
1.The granulator has three discharge ports, which facilitates intermittent production, greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

2.The motor and speed reducer are driven by flexible belt to ensure smooth start and improve the service life of the equipment; the gear is quenched by high frequency, and the service life is doubled.

3.The disc is made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced machine inner lining, the machine is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life; the bottom of the disc is reinforced with multiple radiant steel plates, which is durable and never deformed.