Advantages of Bio-organic fertilizer Disc Pelleting Production

There are many beneficial microorganisms in bio-organic fertilizer, which can inhibit pests and diseases. Bio organic fertilizer is made of compost, inorganic fertilizer and microbial agent, and is processed into comprehensive high-quality fertilizer by organic fertilizer production equipment. Disc granulator machine is suitable for the organic fertilizer granulation, the granule strength is good. The raw material is made into spherical shape, which improves the physical properties of fertilizer products.

Raw materials for producing bio organic fertilizer

Decomposed chicken manure (or pig manure, sheep manure and other animal manure) compost, cake fertilizer
Microbial agent
Inorganic fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate, calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride and urea

Advantages of organic fertilizer

A large number of beneficial microorganisms can make them establish a good dominant population in the microecosystem of crop rhizosphere soil, thus restricting the growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms to a great extent. Therefore, bio organic fertilizers can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful pathogenic microorganisms, and can significantly reduce the incidence of crop pests and diseases. In addition, if microorganisms such as Bacillus can be used to secrete antibiotics, these secreted antibiotics can effectively block part of pathogens and viruses during the propagation and growth of plant rhizomes. Therefore, biological organic fertilizer can effectively reduce soil diseases.

Organic fertilizer granulation equipment – disc granulator machine

Fertilizer disc granulator machine agglomerates the materials on the disc into granules through selection. In the production of organic fertilizer, when adding inorganic fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to granulate, it can be effectively granulated without adding industrial binder disc pelletizer. When ammonium sulfate is added only, the raw materials can not be effectively granulated, and when inorganic fertilizer nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is added to granulate, the fineness of all kinds of raw materials in the fertilizer disc pelletizer machine can be effectively granulated.
disc granulator machine
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