Application of poultry manure organic fertilizer production line in Xinjiang

The fertilizer production still needs to be operated by professional npk production line. The chicken manure without fermentation and ripening is used as organic fertilizer after drying, which will ferment and ripen in natural state, which may harm crops and is not conducive to crop growth. Chicken manure into organic fertilizer requires fermentation, ripening, granulation and drying process. After high temperature decomposition, it does not contain harmful bacteria and insect eggs, which avoids the disadvantages of farm manure, such as easy to burn seedlings, odor, and many diseases and insect pests.

poultry manure organic fertilizer production line in Xinjiang
poultry manure organic fertilizer production line in Xinjiang

Treatment mode of small fertilizer production line

First of all, the wheat straw is mechanically crushed by a pulverizer, then poured into the fermentation tank, mixed with water, added with sludge, and then added with chicken manure, sheep manure, rabbit manure, urea, etc. The raw material of organic fertilizer begins to ferment and decompose. After about 15 days of fermentation, the material is processed by the compost turning machine, so that the straw can rot completely and release the fertility, which is absorbed by the sludge, and the fertility of other organic fertilizers is absorbed at the same time.

compost turning machine  in Xinjiang
compost turning machine in Xinjiang

Then the material is crushed by the semi wet material pulverizer and sent to the drum screening machine for screening. It can be used after 5 days of secondary fermentation. After crushing and screening, the materials can be granulated by rotary drum granulator or other granulating equipment, the appearance of particles is more beautiful and the granulation rate is higher.

The configuration of small organic fertilizer production line directly affects the benefit. Therefore, for fertilizer equipment, we can not blindly choose, to choose the appropriate configuration of fertilizer production line. Huaqiang fertilizer machine price is low, and It has a good quality, which is the first choice for small organic and npk fertilizer plants. The conveying equipment of fertilizer production line adopts belt conveyor and large angle belt conveyor, which not only ensures the smooth transportation system, but also protects the particles, reduces the height of the plant and reduces the infrastructure construction.

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Sheep manure organic fertilizer production line:
First. Mix the sheep manure with the crop straw. The amount of the sheep manure depends on how much the water content of the sheep manure is determined. According to the fermentation process, the water content is required to be within 45%, that is, the material is kneaded into a mass, and the water can be seen. Will not drip down, loosen the group will spread out. Then, the cornmeal and the required strains are added. The reason for the cornmeal is that the sugar content can be increased to promote the rapid fermentation of the strain.

sheep manure organic fertilizer production line

Second, the configured materials are added to the material mixer for mixing, and the mixing is required to be uniform and transparent, and no raw blocks are left.

Third, the mixed materials are piled in a fermentation tank or grooves with a width of 2 to 6 meters and a height of 1.0 meters to 1.5 meters, and are repeatedly turned over and thrown every other day using a compost turning machine.

Four, under normal circumstances, in the fermentation tank, the temperature will rise after stacking for 2 days, and it will be odorless after 2 days. After 3 days, it will become fluffy and loose. After 2 days, compost will emit fragrance, 15 days, it can be fat.
1. In the fermentation tank for 2 days, the temperature will rise to 60 ° C to 80 ° C, which will kill bacteria and remove insects.
2. On the fourth day in the fermentation tank, the odor is eliminated; then on the seventh day, the material in the tank will become loose, dry and covered with white hyphae.
3, fermented in the pool to the ninth day, the nine will emit a fragrance, basically similar to the koji.
4. Fermentation to the tenth day in the tank, the material will be fermented and cooked, and sufficient.
5. On behalf of the end of the fermentation stage, the material can be removed to the next step with a forklift or the like.

Five. The material moved by the forklift to the pulverizing process is pulverized by a semi-wet and high-humidity material pulverizer, and then mixed by a mixer machine, transported to fertilizer granulator machine by a conveyor, and granulated into granules, It is sent to the dryer by the belt conveyor, dried and dried, and then cooled into the cooler. Then the conveyor is sent to the screening machine for screening. The required particles of more than 95% will enter the next process, and about 5%. The granules are transported to the pulverizer for re-pulverization and granulation, and the granules that meet the standards are fed into the coating machine for coating. The coating can maintain the nutrients, and after coating, it is packaged by an automatic packaging machine. In this way, the sheep manure organic fertilizer is processed and packaged and can be sold in the warehouse.All the organic fertilizer production line is done.

The application of the organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer now are to be used widely,and the fertilizer manufacturing technology improve the organic fertilizer production yield.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,different type fertilizer machines are equipped to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.And there we share more the application of the organic fertilizer in agricultural.
Firstly we generally to talk more about the organic fertilizer production.In the organic fertilizer production line,we are first to use the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw materials for sometime,and then using the fertilizer crusher machine and fertilizer mixer machine to deal with the raw materials,there,the crusher machine can choose the chain or half wet material crusher machine,and the fertilizer mixer machine type,we can choose the horizontal mixer machine to mix the raw materials.Next to put them in to the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to be made into granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Next to use the fertilizer dryer machine and the fertilizer cooler machine to deal with the granulator.Finally to pack them using the automatic packing machine.There,about the fertilizer granulator machine,we need to be noticed that the fertilizer granulator machine type to be used related to the granulatin method.For example,the rotary drum granulator machine also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
Organic fertilizer is an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production,which plays an important role in agricultural production.In recent years,some farmers only pay attention to the application of chemical fertilizer,but ignore the application of organic fertilizer,resulting in the decline of soil fertility and soil hardening.

organic fertilizer production

Advantages of applying organic fertilizer:
The most important point of applying organic fertilizer is to increase the organic matter in the soil.Although the content of organic matter only accounts for 0.1-0% of the total amount of arable soil,it is the core component of soil and the main material basis of soil fertility.Organic fertilizer has a very important influence on soil structure,nutrients,engery,water,aeration and microbial activity.Organic fertilizer contains a large number of nutrients meeded by plants,which has a long after effect on the nutrient supply of plants.Organic fertilizers also contain many trace elements.Because all kinds of nutrients elements in organic fertilizer are complete,and these substances are completely non-toxic,harmless and polution-free natural substances,it provides necessary conditions for the production of high–yield and high-quality and pollution-free-green food.Organic fertilizers contain many kinds of sugars.With sugars and a large amount of engery released by organics in degradation,engery is available for the growth,development and reproduction of soil microorganisms.
The organic fertilizer granulator to be produced in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and the fertilizer machines to be used improving the working efficient and it also can meet the rquirement of the organic fertilizer market.The fertilizer manufacturing technology not only can meet the organic fertilizer production,it also can meet the production of the npk,compound fertilizer production.
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we have designed and produced the organic fertilizer machine and inorganic fertilizer machine for many years and our products have been exported to many countries.Our mainly products are mainly included the fertilizer granulator machine,fermentation compost turnning machine and fertilizer production lines and so on.What’s more,we also supply the customerized severices for different type fertilizer producing requirement.


Fertilizer manufacturing process

The organic fertilizer machines are designed for producing the organci fertilizer,and the organic fertilizer is widely used in all over the world,which it improves the agricultural development.Organic agriculture is based on certain organic agricultural production standards.It does not use genetically engineered organisms and their products in production.It does not use chemically synthesized pesticides,fertilizers,growth regulators,feed additives,etc.Following natural rules and ecological principles.A method of agricultural production that containes the balance between farming and agriculture and uses a range of sustainable agricultural technologies to maintain a stable agricultural production system.
The fertilizer manufacturing process developed more mature and its development plays an important role in the process of the organic agriculture develop.All types of fertilizer machines are designed by the fertilizer machine engineers.The using of the fertilizer manufacturing process can help the fertilizer producer produce the fertilizer granulator higher efficient and save more time .

organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Taking the organic fertilizer production line as an example,the organic fertilizer production is a little complex compared to the chemical fertilizer granulator.Using the organic fertilizer manufacturing technology which it is equipped the organic fertilizer machine are suitable for producing the organic fertilizer granulator,improve the working efficient and solve many problems.For example,producing the organic fertilizer granulator,sometine it needs to ferment the raw material for sometime,but the result will be not so good.Well,using the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the raw material is not only can reduce the time of fermenting,it also can make the raw material fermented uniformally.What’s more,when we produce the organic fertilizer granulator we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,which this type fertilizer granulator machine to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or inorganic fertilizer granulator.
Bio fertilizer and organic agriculture from the definition of organic agriculture,we can see that organic agriculture is more complicated and more demanding than traditional agriculture.To solve these problems,organic agriculture can develop faster and better.It is bound to require higher production technology to match it.

As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are also our products can help the fertilizer producer more.So our engineer also design the new fertilizer machines and fertilizer manufacturing technology according to the change of the agriculture.And our main products are the fertilizer granulator machine and the all types of different fertilizer production lines.Such as the bio fertilizer production and npk fertilizer production.

Organic fertilizer production

Different type fertilizer production lines are designed with  the development of the organic fertilizer manufacturing technology ,the different type fertilizer machines are used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator or the compound fertilizer granulator.So what types organic fertilizer machines are used in the fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator?

organic fertilizer production line
Organic fertilizer manufacturing process

In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process ,it is equipped with the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the organic raw materials,which using the high temperature to kill the bacterial consisting in the raw materials.Then it is equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine.Using the fertilizer crusher machine to grind the big and hard raw materials and then put them into the fertilizer mixer machine to mix them with other type additional materials.The fertilizer crusher type we can choose the half wet materials crusher machine to crush the organic raw materials,because this type machine is suitable for the wet materials.And  if it is the large production line,the fertilizer mixer machine we can choose the vertical disc mixer machine to mix the organic raw materials.Next put them into the fertilizer granulator machine which are suitable for producing the organic fertilizer granulator.Now most of time using the disc granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.sometimes the rotary drum granulator is also used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.For different type fertilizer machines inner structure using the different type fertilizer manufacturing method to make the fertilizer granulator.When producing the fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine usually it is a factor equipment to produce the granualtor.

The complete fertilizer production line is designed for prroducing the organic fertilizer granulator not only improve the working efficiency,it also simplify the fertilizer manufacturing process  of the organic fertilizer granulator.Using the semi-automatic fertilizer machines also save more labor cost in the organic fertilizer production project.

As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only produce the fertilizer machines,we also design the different type fertilizer production lines,besides the organic fertilizer production line,we also designed the bio fertilizer production line and other type fertilizer production lines.We also supply the customerizes severizes.More fertilizer production lines and fertilizer machines you can kearn from our website.