How to Use Organic Fertilizer Equipment to Produce Tomatoes Fertilizer

The application of chemical fertilizers in agricultural production can increase the yield of crops, but it will cause soil compaction, the quality of agricultural products will decline, and the nitrate content in fruits and vegetables will be too high. Bio-organic fertilizers are increasingly used in agricultural production. The organic fertilizer production equipment can combine organic matter and inorganic fertilizer to make fertilizer suitable for tomato development.

Organic fertilizer production line to produce special tomato fertilizer

Organic-inorganic fertilizer production line mix organic matter and inorganic fertilizer in proportion to prepare fertilizer. According to the formula blending two kinds of fertilizers, the automatic batching system mixes the raw materials strictly according to the parameters, so that the raw materials are suitable for the growth of tomatoes, and automatic batching system can mix organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers according to the setting of 3:7. Mixed uniform particles are agglomerated and granulated by organic fertilizer granulator machine. Granular organic fertilizer keeps good characteristics of fertilizer. Fertilizer granulatormachine is suitable for mixing and granulating of various materials. The granules made by the machine have high strength and are not easy to break. After a series of treatments, such as drying and screening, fertilizer granules are special organic fertilizer for tomatoes.
Use Organic Fertilizer Equipment to Produce Tomatoes Fertilizer

Advantages of products of organic fertilizer production equipment

1. The combination of bio-organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer promotes tomato growth, nutrient uptake by root system and nutrient utilization efficiency. When bio-organic fertilizer is applied alone, the nutrient content of the fertilizer used is lower than that of inorganic fertilizer, which will have a certain impact on the yield.

2 The application of bio-organic fertilizer can improve the quality and palatability of tomatoes, reduce the nitrate content in tomatoes, and increase the content of vitamin C and reducing sugar.

3. The application of bio-organic fertilizer in tomato production can reduce the occurrence of tomato mosaic virus disease and the effect of disease on Yield and quality.