Very important organic fertilizer fermentation process

Scientific and reasonable fermentation can promote the growth of disease resistant organisms in the process of fermentation, accompanied by the growth of a large number of microorganisms and a series of complex biochemical reactions. Organic fertilizer fertilizer fermentation can improve the rapid growth and development of crops, inhibit the spread of soil diseases, and improve the disease resistance and stress resistance of crops. Today, we put forward the notice of fermentation in the fertilizer production process, hoping to help you.

  1. Ensure that the bottom of fermentation platform is ventilated and oxygen permeable;

  2. The height and width of the compost are 0.8-1.5m and 1.5-2.0m respectively. The length can be determined according to the amount of farmyard fertilizer. The compost is too small to heat, ferment and decompose completely.

  3. If the fertilizer used by farmers is too long or too much, it needs to be adjusted by adding fresh fertilizer in the fermentation process;

  4. Compost and compost to prevent the surface of agricultural fertilizer from drying and complete fermentation.

  5. it is necessary to adjust the naturally fermented farmyard manure for two times fermentation
    (1) Fermentation with weeds and crop straws (can be cooked in about 25 days): crushing or mashing weeds and crops can adjust straw (usually 3-5cm in length) to 40% manure or biogas slurry; it can also be adjusted with 2% urea (46% nitrogen) or fertilizer equivalent to nitrogen fertilizer; it can be adjusted by adding fresh fertilizer at a weight ratio of 3:1-4:1.
    (2) Pure manure fermentation (about 20 days to decompose): can be added to crush weeds, crop straw fermentation, adjust the compost water content about 60%, generally add the weight ratio of 3:14. : 1 adjust fermentation.
    (3) Fermentation with faeces (can decompose for about 15 days): after directly expanding the volume of the strain, evenly remove a layer in the shell, stir it with a compost windrow turner, and then directly stack it on the fermentation platform. Repeat. If the water is too large, it can be adjusted by adding an appropriate amount of drying auxiliary materials to the shell.

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